Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell. - Louisa May Alcott

Our Mission

Collective Identity’s mission is to connect, innovate and simplify the process of preserving memories for all.

Commercial Entities

Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

As a Business Owner, I want to tell the story of my company so that my customers, and employees, feel more connected to the products we produce.

Arts and Entertainment

As a Curator, I want to provide a digitally immersive experience so that culturally significant exhibits can reach a global audience. 

Special Attractions

As an Amusement Park Operator, I want to involve guests before, during, and after their experience to encourage return visits.

Public Sector


As a Commemorations Officer, I want to provide a secure and personalised commemorative experience so that veterans and first responders are able to personalise the story of their service.

Historical Societies

As a Board Member of a historical society, I want to collect, preserve, interpret, and exhibit our society’s story so that our members, feel more connected to our mission and purpose.


As a Politician, I want to provide an immersive experience for voters to learn and interact with me without having to reduce the message to 140 characters.

Private Entities

Parents and Family Historians

As an Individual, I want to take control of my digital legacy so that I can place emphasis on personal life events important to me.

Special Interest Groups

As a Fraternity President, I want to connect our chapters to seamlessly share information and document special events.

Religious Institutions/Groups

As a Religious Leader, I want to better connect to our community and share information regarding events, activities, and outreach programs.


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