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About Us

Be the Curator of Your Legacy

Membership with Collective Identity gives you the ability to curate, publish, and protect the narrative of your life

Personal Reflection

The proliferation of online genealogical and DNA testing services provide an excellent platform for discovering our past, yet provide no method of capturing what we want others to see in the future.

Despite the exabytes of data being generated on social media platforms, we are quickly losing the ability to define who we are – and what we would want people to remember us for.

The Collective Identity platform allows everyone the opportunity to develop a self-service or expertly-curated biography that will last for an eternity 

Imagine Never Being Forgotten

Most everyone has that one memory that they cherish from a loved one lost – the special recipe from Grandma; the sports equipment their Uncle left to them; the classic car that Dad spent hours polishing. 

However, being inanimate these items are unable to convey the emotion and life their owner’s possessed.

Collective Identity was formed to address the desire to preserve these memories, and bring life to them in a technologically innovative way.  


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